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Thank Heaven For Girly Boys [entries|friends|calendar]


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I feel I need to do this. =( [Thursday
March 17th, 2005 ]

I'm closing GirlyBoys until I can really devote the proper time to it. I've been super busy with some layout communities | free_stylin and cherrystyle, thus, ignoring my beloved Girly Boys community.

When I feel I can manage more than 1 active community at a time, I will re-open girlyboys.

Thanks for your understanding,

New Ruthie Pics :) [Saturday
January 1st, 2005 ]

Just got back from a shopping expedition with the lovely bi_dancer13 :)

We went to Next, where we got some nice girlie clothes, and I picked up some new earrings too!

Got back home and decided to try some of the new earrings on, and asked Sonia very kindly to take some pics for me. I'm also wearing the nice pointy kitten heel shoes and pink suede jacket that we got from TK Maxx in Shrewsbury on 27th December, and the rather striking skirt and nice black shirt top that we got from Tesco's yesterday (also at sale prices, of course)...

I pity my poor credit cards! I *did* have a little moneymaking wheeze though - although whether it would pay off or not is anyone's guess. The idea is for a "Dress Your Own Ruthie" page on the naughtygirl website, where you can choose from a selection of clothes, etc, and pay via PayPal in exchange for some pics of me wearing your chosen selection. Or is that a bit daft??? ;)

Anyway, here are some pics :)

a few more...Collapse )
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Birmingham Pride bodypainted girlie boi :) [Tuesday
June 1st, 2004 ]

Got painted up by sanjibabes for Birmingham Pride on Saturday - she painted me outside Symphony Hall in Birmingham, and aroused the interest of the security guards who thought that she was painting a topless *woman* (ooh you do flatter me) - OK, I *was* wearing a leather skirt and red fishnets though...

She painted a purple T-shirt on me, which said "Assume Nothing" on the front and "Birmingham Bi Women" on the back...

ruthie bodypaint pics...Collapse )

At the end of the march, we met up with a BBC photographer and ended up on the BBC Birmingham website, yay!

BBC pics...Collapse )
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Fetish Much? [Wednesday
February 18th, 2004 ]

Some High Heel Fetish Icons. ;D

The rest of the loveliesCollapse )
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Robin, you lovely boy! [Sunday
February 8th, 2004 ]

[ mood | creative ]

Also, I think I should intro myself. My name is Mary.

And, with that out of the way.

I made you some icons. If you wish to use them, that's great, if not, I'll just cry myself to sleep tonight (I kid!)

1 - 2 -
3 - 4 -
5 -

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Finally, a few icons [Sunday
February 8th, 2004 ]

[ mood | happy ]

You have to admit, Bowie is definitely a girly boy. ;) Here are some icons:

My fave -
1 - 2 -
3 - 4 -

Also, a Girly Boys Community icon: I <3 Eddie

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i love the girlie boys [Thursday
February 5th, 2004 ]

[ mood | enthralled ]

my favourites

they should totally be a couple and pop me out some hot little girlie boy children!
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I've taken the plunge [Tuesday
February 3rd, 2004 ]

[ mood | Inspired ]

I've created my own community, dedicated to one of my favorite things in life. (Please note, this community was my brainchild right before bed and nobody has been notified of its existance)

Girly Boys.

OOOH, how I love them.

More to come, that I promise. Lots of icons, friends only banners, and the lusting of all boys that are girly.

;D *squeals with delight*

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